i know we have temperature fluctuations, but DAMN!

i thought it was odd when it was eighty degrees at 3:30am on sunday…

…but it really was.

even more odd when, on two hours of sleep, i was getting in the car at 10am to roll to the shop and the ambient temperature, according to the bmw computer, was minus FORTY.

how odd – i thought that temp would feel more “brisk” then what i was feeling.

even more odd was when i went to grab a bite after i decided i was too tired to work out (not uncommon on a sunday as i try to do four workouts a week, and with the three weekdays i work PLUS the day i drive in when i’m off to hang with the ufc i can still do my four if i skip sunday) i had to cut the wheel to get into the space and just left it cut, which was a good call ’cause then i could see THIS:


so, here’s my theory on how i fucked this up (can’t blame the car on this one); when we were dehydrating the car i pulled the air filter, which is low (hence the hydro-lock) and you have to pull the front wheel and this chunk of wheel well to get to it – i believe i pulled out a screw from the bumper that held the low end of this but then put it back in a high hole (insert joke here) basically making it swing like a hinge into the tire…larger problem was eventually when we hit negative forty, which was because (again, my theory) is that the wire found it’s way out that whole, snagged the tire, and ripped the temperature sensor out – i found it out in the driveway with over a foot of jacked up wire attached (i’m thinking i drove over it a time or two) but spliced it back together and it read out as seventy-eight degrees!

i was happy…so i hooked all back up and even put in two extra screws for good measure, which is where i think i might nicked a wire or something ’cause when i fired up the car i got this:


if it IS just a nicked wire it serves two good purposes…one, i can fix it, and two i can fix shane’s because his has read that way since he got the damn car; guess we’ll see what happens.

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