look kids, it’s harold – and fuckin’ sarah!

you have to be a pretty ol’ school whore reader to really get the title…

…remember when i had that link on the old, old site where whenever you clicked harold’s name you got a pic of him (tattooing one of my best friends from junior high actually, but that was just coincidence):


(keep in mind this was taken five camera phones ago)

with the text “look kids, it’s harold from ‘sharp things’ tattoo & piercings in san marcos texas” followed by the phone number and address printed below it. before the whole myspace / facebook / twitter / instagram thing we were product placing the boy on the whore!

damn, we’re all innovative and shit!

well, after sharp things was forced to close by new landlords that didn’t want a tattoo shop in their building he worked at a few different austin-area shops before semi-settling in at atomic tattoo where he got yours truly the job he’s had for the last three years and ten months (exactly that much today, actually). i say “semi-settling” because he started at the original burnet road shop (where i am most of the time) but soon after moved to the 290 shop to open and run that location (where he still gets calls at least a few times a week from customers despite being gone from there for over two years) and then went to run the highway 183 shop where he began apprenticing the piercer from the burnet shop (who i always thought was pretty much his perfect match depsite her twelve stepping and harold being, well, harold) and they ended up falling for each other, splitting from their respective quasi-legal spouses, and hooking up…than headed up to amarillo where sarah’s kid coltraine was…

…seriously, despite the whole “amarillo factor” how cool a name is that?

they got married there a month ago and tonight host a reception in dallas for all the family and friends so the ufc and i are rolling up with her kiddo and harold’s “stepdaughter” in tow (in quotes ’cause it was never legal, but he DID raise her from age two to twenty so he certainly earned being called “dad” by her) – shane unfortunately can’t make it, but harold says that just means he needs to roll out for a visit soon, which the ufc and i plan on doing as well. and i DON’T mean to amarillo…

with fuckin’ sarah by his side harold has finally realized his long-time dream of living (and tattooing) in the islands like his role model sailor jerry – he’s currently manager / head artist at “island ink” on the island of maui.

as for the term “fuckin’ sarah” it stems from our mutual time at the burnet atomic – there were two sarahs there…the boss’s wife (who’s still there) and harold’s now wife (then just a piercer/friend) and when we got calls i never knew who they wanted to talk to so i nicknamed the piercer “fuckin’ sarah” because…well…she tends to say “fuck” a lot. a whole lot. like even more than me kinda lot.

but she’s family now, so i guess i’ll just call her “sarah” going forward…if i call her “harold’s old lady” she’ll hit us both…

…or more accurately, slap the fuck out of us – probably while saying “fuck” a lot.

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