12 steps to 2,000 songs?

i think i have a problem…

…i’m addicted to iTunes. it’s not as expensive as it sounds – the bulk of what i deal with either comes grattis off limewire or from my own cd collection (and before you lecture me about paying for music, which i’m a big believer in, i only pull crap off the lime that i already own on vinyl or cassette, which is a hella pain in the ass to do…) but i just can’t stop it.

hence, the reason i think this could be a problem.

i’ve had a solo weekend – haven’t seen or spoken to anyone i actually know well since i got home late friday night. been at the crib all by my lonesome from midnight or so friday / saturday to when you’re reading this with the exception of the occasional run for bar-b-que, pizza, or rock star (had plenty of liquor here lest you think i did all this sober).

i got minimal cleaning done, only a couple loads of laundry, and so the house still looks like ass…but on the upside, i’m up to over 1,900 iTunes tracks where as i was barely at 1,500 when i got home on friday.

for some reason that last part makes me feel like the weekend was a sucess.

i even tried to watch “shoot ’em up” on dvr earlier (which shane said sucked but i really enjoyed) and couldn’t sit all the way through ’cause midway through they played “ace of spades” from motohead during a gun battle and i decided that had to be on the notebook, so i paused it and it ended up that way for twenty or thirty minutes while that one track i “needed” turned into a dozen or so that came to mind while i was back there.

hell, at least i can have a problem AND still pass a piss test, right? not that i have to take one anytime soon, but it’s good to know i found a vice that’s not illegal…