the whore might get a new “house”, as it were…

i think it might be time to put the cow out to pasture…

…and don’t worry, that is SO not me going vegetarian.

i always hated mobile carriers that cut a better deal to people brand new to them than people like say, me, who have been with them forever…who knew the same could be said for web hosting companies?

i’ve been with fatcow hosting for quite some time. even stuck by them after the debockle of losing 1,600 bits when i had no back up and they had corrupted back-up files which we needed ’cause my card didn’t clear due to a new one being issued so they unceremoniously ripped my site offline for the first time in march of 2008.

i paid for a year and they comped me a year for that. in 2010 it made more sense to buy three years (i think the pricing was $99 for a year, $119 for two, or $129 for three then). back in february they dinged me for over two hundred bucks saying i “didn’t get the promo price ’cause i wasn’t new”

the guy said he’d erase all my card info so i didn’t get auto-dinged again (they hit me up more than two weeks before the bill was due ’cause they had my info on file…how rude is that shit?) and, according to my notes, i had till the twenty-first of march to figure shit out.

according to THEIR notes i had twenty-one days…which was about ten days earlier.

so i was laying in bed pre-work with the ufc and got an email that my site was down. i called fatcow to find out that it was due to them trying to bill me and not having my info. i was infuriated. i bought a single year (which was $105) since i didn’t have the extra cash to drop the $150 they wanted for three years; which made me wonder why they billed me over $200 for the same shit a few weeks earlier?

their excuse was “since your site is not online we can count you as a new client!”

that’s some bullshit.

so, i’ve got eleven months at this point to find some new hosting and get it transferred over…time to go shopping. or negotiate the shit out of that bloated heffer!

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