run into the car to the left of you in ten yards

i think i’ve figured out part of the traffic issues today…

…fucking g.p.s. systems.

i mean, if you have a talking one that’s one thing. i guess. would drive me nuts, personally. doubt i’ll ever have one unless it’s built into a car i buy so i don’t have a choice. ya know what, fuck that – i won’t BUY a car that has one. there – that’ll be that.

problem solved.

seriously…the add-on ones should be outlawed unless they talk, and they should have a function where the screen goes black once the vehicle is in motion. hell, if my 2001 car has a trunk that won’t open while the car’s in gear they can certainly program a g.p.s. to know “shit, car’s moving – time to go dark”.

wanna know where you are? pull the fuck over and the screen lights up – like you’re looking at a map. remember those? before the word had the word “quest” after it or “google” before it?

(reminds me – to people actually still use mapquest? or did google maps kill the fuck out of that?)

i’ve lost track of how many times i find a car drifting into my lane ’cause the moron is now staring at the center of his dash or between the steering wheel and the driver’s door where the little fucking screen is.

fuck that.

so if any of the tom-tom playing garmoners can read this (or, better yet, the people that build the little annoyances) get the screen to go dark when the car is moving, stop looking at the little screen that shows the road in front of you and LOOK AT THE FUCKING ROAD IN FRONT OF YOU!!!

or have REALLY fucking good insurance…

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  • Shane Feb 22, 2013 @ 13:01

    I have and use my Garmin, but it does have the voice option which I use. I’ve got it set to a female voice for the novelty of a woman actually knowing where I’m going better than I do.