is there a doctor in the house?

or more specifically a veterinarian?

or even more specifically, a pet psychiatrist?

look, i know i promised no more “reader’s polls” back at the start of 2012. but as i recall that was supposed to be fore the YEAR 2012…and we’re in 2013 now. so that doesn’t still count, does it?

i didn’t think so…

…so here’s the deal – back in december budnik started doing this thing where i got to let the pups back in the house and he won’t come in. i’d understand it if his home life sucked, or he was abused, or something like that – but none of that fits him. he’s actually quite the pampered little shit. i could also understand him doing it if he wanted to stay outside to run and play or lounge in the sun; but all he does is sit at the door and scratch and whimper like he wants to come in…until i go to open the door, then he just stands there, refusing to come in, regardless of time (he pulled this once for two hours from 3am to 5am) or weather (said early morning occurrence happened when it was twenty-four degrees in my backyard) and basically has to be tricked in order to get him back in. doesn’t just happen before i leave for work or something either.

i’m perplexed.

part of me thinks it could just be “teenage hormonal shit” as he’s between two and three years old, which is adolescence in dog years, but i don’t know…i know my vet (who’s a guy) will just say “get him snipped”.

i just can’t do that.

he’s the “lil’ dude” now called just “the dude” or “budnik” which i tend to use more and more ’cause when i call him “the dude” people tend to think i named him after the character in the big lebowski which is not the case…and you can’t be a “dude” with no balls! biologically speaking that IS what defines “a DUDE” isn’t it? anybody have any thoughts here? or is it just the canine version of “the terible twos”?