ain’t nobody humpin’ around (a hump day bit about…well…the girl i’m humping)

okay, i’ve made an executive decision here…

…after typing the title for today’s bit, then going to feed the pups, and coming back and reading it again before starting i’ve decided that i need not NEVER use the word “hump” multiple times in the same sentence unless i’m referring to camels or shitty fergie tracks.

moving on.

they’ve always told me it’s the little things that mean so much to them there women folk – and i really didn’t consider this a big deal till i went to actually click the “radio buttons” as they call them, i believe. that’s when i realized i was doing something for the first time EVER…

…changing my facebook status.

i’m not thirteen – it’s not a huge deal in my reality; but JAB actually referred to us as “facebook official”. is that really a thing? what’s weird is 99% of the people that saw fit to “like” my changed relationship status or comment on it knew about the ufc for the last month or so. hell, we went out on our first date over two months ago, which granted isn’t a LONG time but we’ve been pretty solid and inseparable since that first lunch.

so now we’re “facebook official” whatever that means. her friends have been uncomfortably silent; mine started sending her friend requests. so we know who has the cooler friends, huh? i’m cool with it – i know i love her, i know she loves me, and i’m not really worried about who does (or doesn’t) know about it. we’re happy; that’s all that matters. what surprised me were the different flavors of “facebook official” you can be. open relationship? domestic partnership? civil union? all covered…but isn’t that “bullshit”, “afraid to commit”, and “why the fuck won’t they just legalize gay marriage and be done with it?” in reality?

yeah, just checking…

…i’ll stick to my plain jane “in a relationship” with anything but a “plain jane”, thank you.