get some head, one last time (“look – up top!” part II)

i told you this would be a two parter a few months ago

…i didn’t lie.

this one is just a bit longer due to october, but it explains what the hell i was thinking for the various header designs that rolled here throughout the year, and then after this month we’ll just set them on shuffle and you’ll just have to see what you get! i’ll still add a new one into the mix here or there, and will probably take a couple out if i get sick of them, but since this month marks a year since i started doing a new one every month (which, as i previously stated, was not the original intention i don’t think – i’ll have to see what i said when i started all this mess). so let’s pick up where we left off:


irish whore s

this was the “oops” one for not doing irish in march as i shoulda for the st. patrick’s month. i think i felt this worked as it was my mom’s birth month, which is odd as she had not one drop of irish blood in her – that came to me from dad’s side. but honestly, what else do you do in august? there’s no real month “theme”, ya know? next year (or maybe may for mother’s day) i might have to do one with her pic in it or something – but that’ll be weird to see my mom’s pic come up over some bit on anal sex or whatever…


Whore Desk s

i did this as a bit of a photoshop project for myself – i wanted to see if i could make the letters look like they were carved into an old school desk. i think i accomplished it pretty well, and finding a font called “carve your table” didn’t hurt. in hindsight i would have done it a little different (made the letters more translucent versus actually color matching as i did here) but i still thought the effect was achieved rather nicely.


whore pump s whore horror s whore freddie s Misftit Whore s

i am NOT as indecisive as this would indicate, i assure you. i orginally was gonna just do one, but i couldn’t decide if i wanted to go traditional (hence, the “great pumpkin” one) vintage (the “movie poster” one) or bad-ass (the “freddie” one)…so i decided to go with all of the above, and throw in the misfits one (which was actually the first one i did) and change ’em weekly. seemed to work out pretty well.


whore coop s

after going all halloweenish (which would be expected) for october i wanted to buck the holiday trend for a month, damn well knowing i’d do some Xmas bit in december, so i went with coop nakedness. sue me i like curvy chicks, especially ones that can also appreciate curvy chicks. i put this as the whore header and “BAM!” meet the ufc two weeks later. coincidence? i think not!


Xmas Whore s

this, i admit, was semi-predictable…we all saw bad santa coming, i’m sure – but i wasn’t sure what else to do, and i found this “evil santa” graphic (i was actually looking more for the “molester” route) and so i went for it, even using a font called “christmas card” with snowflake backgrounds and shit. then later realized i shoulda used dan akroyd from “trading places” (as lamented in a previous bit) so i through it down as my wallpaper with a nice holiday inspired font and snow (actually the “outer glow” effect on photoshop with the noise dial cranked to eleven) and there we were – you guys didn’t get to see it (till now) but i got to see it every day:

santa dan


2013 whore s

so in the midst of my wonderful holiday “break” with the ufc (“break” as in her kiddo was out of town so we got to act like a normal irresponsible adult couple versus being all parental and such) i lost track of time and suddenly realized a new month was upon us and i needed a new header. i love me some veuve cliquoit (ring in every new year with it) so i “borrowed” there label and here we are…did anybody catch that i put the roman numeral for when the whore started and the current year on the label? nobody? why do i even bother? only kidding…

and now let the shuffle begin a week or so early!!!