green and white is more than right for today…all be it for the wrong reasons

we all know what happened on friday…

…so i won’t re-hash.

today there’s a campaign for folks to wear green and white as those are the school colors of the school from friday. i have a dropkick shirt that has a green and white plaid design but the shirt is black and the plaid is worked into a skull. morbid, but it seems to fit on a lot of levels, so you know what i’m rocking today.

as for those who see this as a reason for gun control, i part with a comment my buddy mike made on facebook:

Why is it that when some lunatic intentionally drives his car into a crowd of people, no one ever blames the car? Are we going to put a ban on the sale of cars? When some dildo stabs 22 kids, are we going to ban knives? To the people calling for a gun ban, get a hold of yourselves. Seriously. Ever heard of someone going on a shooting spree at a gun show?