a quick note…

…this was done to be the bit on thursday, but i forgot i did it, hence the hurried “two part, one day, sorta kinda” shit that went up that makes more sense now that i added the photo to it; i did that in a desperate hurry while standing in my dining room wrapped in aluminum foil while one leg was hiked up in order to get signal off my neighbor’s router and post something that day; only to moments later discover there was this full bit already waiting. shit happens. enjoy.

first off, let me say it was cool to see billy crystal working again…

…lord knows who dug him out, dusted him off, and decided, “hey – let’s put a face to a recent tragedy that nobody who’s been born in the last two and a half decades will recognize” i’ll never get; but considering the line up (the who, the rolling stones, bon jovi, bruuuuuuce, roger waters, clapton) i guess they weren’t really aiming at the wallets of twenty-somethings here. not that i was shooting to shit on the younger generation of entertainers for not kicking in, or on that generation in general.

but i did actually have a point here, believe it or not…

(and i will add this is being written DURING the “12-12-12 concert for sandy relief”, and i would like to wish both my sister teri and JAB’s wife katy a happy 12.12.12 as it’s both their birthdays, neither of which will have years mentioned lest i get cut (teri) or shot (katy) but bon jovi’s playing right now so i could give a shit less and this seemed like a good time to scribble this down)

what’s with the “855” number?

i started my bit with it so if some of you WANTED to kick in (probably too late to get to talk with whoopi or rev. jesse or ben stiller or one of the other celebs in the phone bank using a galaxy note as samsung was a sponsor of last night’s event) but it’s an “855…” number?

remember when toll free was just “800…” numbers?

then we went to “888…” then “877…” then “866…” but i had no idea we were down to “855…”. i know the people i owe money to (which is how most of us see these numbers these days) are down that low. i get the others, but not down to “855…”. guess maybe that means my credit score ain’t as low as i figured? ’cause the bill collectors i deal with personally (or DUCK personally to be more accurate) aren’t using “855…” numbers? the debts are old enough to still hover in the 888/877/866 region – good sign, right?

hell, i tried…

…but seriously – give if you can. good show (note: not “great”; the stones do two songs and kanye gets a half hour? what the fuck? i have to admit, i tapped out when chris martin played and crashed ’cause…well…it’s coldplay and shit), good cause, good people.

where this was for when NOLA got bitch slapped again, i have no idea…but i guess more show-biz types come from nyc and shit.