a spongy yellow sign?

i think shane might have had a point here…

…on fb he recently posted:

twinkies are supposed to last till the end of the world. the end of the world is SUPPOSED to be in about a month, and the twinkie factory just closed its doors – coincidence? i think not!

but it’s true – the hostess bakery (which is texas based – no shocker there) filed for bankruptcy recently and had to shut down. no more twinkies, ding-dongs, sno-balls, or wonder bread. all gone. what you see in the stores is what you get – period. if i was still heavier i would care. much to the shagrin of probably many a reader here, i actually don’t.

when i was heavier it wasn’t uncommon for me to grab some twinkies and chocolate milk on the way home from a night of clubbing, and keep in mind back then i didn’t drink; so it wasn’t like i was doing this to soak up booze, i was doing this ’cause i was chunky as hell. that’ll happen when you eat a couple of twinkies, down a pint of chocolate milk, and go to sleep.

so in a way, i don’t really have any “happy twinkie memories” – we never had them in our lunches we took to school (the chocolate cupcakes with the little curly que of white icing was a different story but plenty of folks make those). and i never could stand wonder bread – so while i never like seeing a texas-based business go under, it’s not a personal loss to me either way (yes, shane, i can already hear you scrolling down to the comments section so i’ll keep the rest brief so you don’t hae to scroll to far).

i’ll say this – shane does have a point. they’re supposed to last till the end of the world, and supposedly this country is at it’s fattest EVER – so how does a nation of lard-asses NOT support the twinkie factory? shit, he may be spot on – and now i’ll have to go watch zombie land in remembrance…