i notice your site doesn’t mention the KKK – but why?

i love fundamentalist people…

…they represent themselves to be family-oriented, or religious, or a “healthy” mixture of both, but the bottom line is they promote hate and bigotry and discrimination. i almost did a bit on that church in kentucky that recently banned an interracial couple from joining, or something to that effect. and the stance i would have taken might have surprised you:

i applauded them for it…

…not that i’ve gone racist, or even condone racism. but what i DO like is the fact that they’re racist and don’t even try to hide it. you have no doubt about how they feel. they’re not trying to act like they’re good and just and “god-fearing” or whatever and than clutch their purse closer to them in the mall when a group of black teens walk by when they didn’t do it when white teens passed ’em earlier.

they don’t like black folks – and you fucking know it.

take the people who’s latest protest against the tlc show american muslim. their page is all about how you shouldn’t watch shows that “promote” (i.e. acknowledge but don’t condemn) gays or transgenders or muslims that are just like you and me but just HAPPEN to be muslim…

…’cause we all know that the majority of mulsim people wanna blow shit up and fed-ex anthrax to schools and teach their six year olds how to make pineapple grenades out of actual pineapples and other common items they can find and the grocery store because we all know they’re just sleeper cells sent here to overthrow the american way of life while raping white women…oh, and probably taking the lord’s name in vane.

party people say “BULLSHIT”.

they’re actually leading people to boycott advertisers on the tlc show because it paints muslims out to be just like you and i, instead of a bunch of terrorists in waiting. ’cause we all know all acts of terrorism are done by muslims. take the oklahoma bombing:

oh no, wait…that was white people. as it was with the school shootings at columbine and pretty much every other school where children were gunned down where parents dropped them off and tax dollars paid them to be. and as it is with pretty much every serial killer of the last hundred years or so. all white. but your white site doesn’t mention that, does it you annoying fundamentalist florida fucktards?

i notice you also don’t mention the kkk…why not? they’re in florida, as well as alabama (your neighbor) and georgia (your other neighbor) and they’re all just like you – white, “christian” (in lower case and quotes on purpose, i should add), southern, and like you they hate the gays and muslims and all types of brown folk. never mind the fact that given the geography of the bible jesus was both brown AND a jew. we’ll just put our fingers in our ears and hum a hymn and pretend we don’t hear that.

dumb fucks.

honestly – the reason the tlc show doesn’t mention fundamentalists and terrorists is because they are NOT the majority…they’re just the ones that make the majority of the news. it’s like there can be millions of pitbulls in a state, but the ones that are trained by people to be violent make the news, and so all of them just MUST be evil.

but you are a free-thinking, theoretically somewhat educated adult – who also happens to be a self-righteous opinionated close-minded bigot. and a hate-monger. and what’s funny is if jesus WAS alive today you’d see him and expect him to be “randomly selected” for a search at the tampa airport.

so until you mention the klan i’m expecting all my readers to boycott YOU – not like we knew you were there in the first place, but now we do and know to avoid you. go fuck yourself…with one of these:

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