amercan’s new favorite game? or at least whore reader’s?

let’s not mince words…

…despite all the unpredictability in my economic, romantic, and social worlds two things seem to always remain constant:

1. due to past blood feuds with at&t and time warner (the two major providers of high speed internet in my area) my internet connection is always of questionable quality, usually bordering on the “sucks butt” variety.

2. no matter how broke i am, i typically find a way to get fairly lit on my day off.

so, with that in mind, you might have noticed that occasionally the “wednesday bit” will appear on thursday morning, but say it was done wednesday even though you glanced at my site wednesday night and it wasn’t there…

…welcome to the magical world if time stamping!

while it’s cheating, i only do it when the bit was actually written and ready to rock on time but technological factors beyond my control (see “1.” on the list above) kept it from happening. what i have started doing (as i used to do when i had NO internet at home, before i got this suck-ass sprint thing, which didn’t really suck ass too much until the toll road came in and some towers got displaced) is writing the bit in wordpad or whatever, than posting it when the connection was there. as a result, i usually have a bit or two ready to go. occasionally (due to time, something else grabbing my attention, or blood alcohol content) i write just enough of the bit to remind myself later what i was wanting to say.

sometimes, when it’s the last on that distraction list (i.e. “booze”) my notes to my later self don’t make sense; so with that i give you our new astrowhore game show:

let’s decipher sean’s drunken ramblings

the notes, as they were left, on a file on my desktop”

piggy girl (a series?)

so, here’s one thing i learned the other day…

…reality tv and dating in texas have WAY more in common than they should.

take, for example, the two series (one ends and the other begins) “texas hoggers” and “hogger girls”. fucking seriously.

here’s what i remember – i HAVE seen one episode of “texas hoggers” and thought to myself, “holy shit – they’ll make a “reality” show off of A N Y T H I N G these days.

(a quick side note – there’s an old, eighties industrial song with a sample in it that says “‘reality’ is the only word in the english language that should always be used in quotes” – how prophetic was THAT shit with the current trend in tv programming? i think it was my life with the thrill kill kult…)

and i remember seeing that now that the season of “texas hoggers” was over the fill in was “hogger girls” about women who do the same thing. and i remember thinking that was fucking ridiculous. what i DON’T get is my lead-in line about “reality tv and dating in texas have WAY more in common than they should”.

that one baffles me – i don’t tend to chase redneck women, or girls that would be large enough to take down feral hogs. so i don’t think i had some personal tie to that line…but outside of that, what the fuck could i have meant?

what’s sad is more than one bit has died due to this…either a note on my laptop or my phone that was supposed to be a bit but i couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

in a way this is my fault, and in a way it’s kramer’s. when kramer lived in austin and was unmarried and therefore we used to hang out a lot more (the only part of that i’m actually bitching about is the ‘don’t hang with kramer’ any more part…i really dig his area of SA and think his wife is the best thing to happen to him since 1959 when hawaii became a state and his favorite kinda shirt made landfall in the mainland).

(pardon the digression)

what i was getting at was when kramer and i used to hang out more i would spit whore bit ideas out ALL the time, and he’d say “jot that down” and i never did, claiming i could remember them for later…but rarely did. so, when i got the notebook and a phone with a notepad function i started using them – but occasionally time and traffic (or booze…or both) fueled patience grows short and therefore so do my notes and we end up with what you see above. checked both my phone and the computer and that’s all i got on the “what the fuck?” list for now. if you can figure out my angle on this, please share – personally i’m confused…

…and i doubt this will be the last time we play this game.

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  • kramerw Nov 23, 2011 @ 17:40

    I’ve been on a reality show. Not much reality. I speak redneck, which confused them damn yankees.