road beers (a NOLA nugget leftover sixer)

so, i wrote the original NOLA sixer kinda hastily…

…and some shit got skipped. but nothing big enough to be its own bit, so we have:

NOLA nuggets (i.e. the “road beers” sixer – six from the road, as it were)

6. sex shower – it should be quickly noted that: a. this is not about any kind of r. kelly style “pee on her” sexual shit and b. i am NOT doing what it looks like i’m doing in this pic – it was just the best way to show how the shower would be twelve feet tall once you’re down in it. that being said:

this is the guest bathroom, and the shower is just TOO cool. no door, no curtain. there’s a half step up (all the same tile as the bathroom floor) than three steps down into the shower. it’s long enough to where i could have taken a bath (which it’s set up to also do) and completely laid down under water. next time i go i gotta drag a girl along to REALLY try this thing out (if you know what i’m saying and i think you do)

5. “but one street over…” – one thing i thought was odd about NOLA…bret kept starting paragraphs with “but one street over”. like “bourbon street is wild, but one street over people are having sex on doorsteps and shit”. i checked. no bullshit. or this posh lakeside neighborhood of theirs – “sure, our street is nice. and the street in front of ours. but one street over…”. i detoured two blocks over on my way out to check – across the street from half million dollar homes are homes still boarded up with FEMA codes on them. scary shit.

4. sweet potato pie at mickey d’s – one of my few regrets from the trip. i saw this AS i was leaving town. i figured, “maybe they’ll have that in austin now”. nope. damn it.

3. NOLA in a pic pic – from what i was told, this pic sums up post-katrina NOLA:

2. liquor everywhere – you can buy a drink, walk out, go into another bar, all with the same drink in your hand. pick one up, start drinking in the car while your buddy’s driving you. that’s not COMPLETELY legal, but they don’t really care. liquor gift sets, at bargain prices, at convenience stores. if i’m still single and floating about at forty-five, i may have to relocate to here for this reason alone.
1. ultimate gemini pic – or so i labeled it when i sent it to kramer. i WAS trying to take a pic of a pic of conjoined twin skeletons i bought at an estate sale in the artsy district of new orleans, but i noticed my silhouette showed perfectly around them, as kramer touts me as one the most typical gemini folks he knows, i figured twin skeletons framed with me was a gemini as it got: