i’m a lumberjack, and it’s okay

i was kinda impressed with myself this morning…

…i went outside to just assess the tree downage situation and ended up chainsawing it all and hauling it to the curb in around forty-five minutes – which if you had seen how much was there you’d realize that clearly i have done this way too often.

i’m not a fan of the manual labor, and i SURE as fuck am not a fan of the RUSHED manual labor, which this was by design.

no, this is one of two retarded hectic days in my week – and this is the slower one. i’m rolling into austin in a sec to sit in while harold tattoos a friend of mine, which will kill the whole afternoon off and make today very unproductive. while i used to be a huge fan of the balanced weekend (i.e. one day completely blown off and relaxing and the other one actually used for housework, laundry, and such) lately i find it just makes both days lethargic and unproductive. in many ways there’s nothing wrong with that – not that i enjoy a messy house, but when nobody sets foot in it save for me and the pups (technically the snakes don’t as they don’t actually have feet) you kinda look around and go “i could live with this” and don’t un-ass the couch.

but all the timber in the front yard was bugging me, and while i THOUGHT i could deal with it tomorrow a quick weather channel glance indicated today was by far the prettier of the two (sixty-three as the high today, versus thirties and raining tomorrow) so today can be productive INDOORS. i’m gonna try to double up and do both the office AND the studio. we’ll see how that goes.

thursday will be an exercise in time accuracy as i try to tote the dirty birdies back to the house (a pic in a month or so will help that reference make sense) and tote the bed out of the studio up to an artist from the shop AND tote a matress up to harold’s AND get the bed out of the studio to brandi’s (another tattoo artist – should i stay on the clock for this part, too?)…all while (technically) working as i’ll be on the clock before and after all that goes down.

that will be another day where, if i pull it off, i’ll be pretty damn stoked.

okay, week-dizzle – let the games begin!