the little naked one that got away

it’s amazing what makes headlines in austin, texas…

…although i guess after thirty-nine years it shouldn’t amaze me any longer.

i had a little bit planned for today and even changed my route to the shop to get the pic i needed, which was this:

but i had to pull this image off the web versus taking the picture myself. why? because somebody STOLE the banner! it actually made the news! i didn’t know it was gone till i went by today, which i suppose means i need to watch the news more often, eh?

the backstory:

i’ve never been to one, but one of those nude modeling places is next to an aquarium shop. a stripper i used to go out with in the nineties referred to them as “jack shacks”, as most of the customers openly pleasure themselves while they watch “the show”.

(note to anybody reading: if you choose a profession that STRIPPERS look down on, you probably need to re-evaluate your life. i’m just sayin’. moving on…)

usually they don’t use the term “massage parlor” any more – now it’s “paradise executive retreat” or “wanda’s modeling chateau” or some such shit. but basically, from what i’ve been told, you go in, pay your money, and BEST case scenario you get to watch some girl strip and pleasure herself while you take care of things on your end…

…or, for extra, they take care of it for you. again, this is what i’ve HEARD. still haven’t decided to take one for the team enough to actually go to one of these places just to get a bit out of it. you’ll know my life has gotten desperately slow when, right?

anyway, so next to the jack shack, with all the “nude models” signs is an aquarium place, and that’s their banner above…’cept now it’s stolen. i heard they might have to clothe the fish if it’s not returned for some kind or animal exploitation reasons…now that is TRULY fucked up!