one for the ladies – the bag o’ nuts bit

every now and again i see something that makes me say, out loud, “you have to be FUCKING kidding me…”

…this would be one of those times.

i know ever since the whole lance armstrong thing testicular cancer is a news-worthy topic. and while i guess it’s something we as men should be concerned about (i’m not, but never mind that now) i thought the PSA (public service announcement for those unaware of the acronym – think “commercial”, but no money exchanges hands) i saw on nut sack death was just FUNNY. the gist of it:

“guys, you wanna really give your woman something you’ll love this valentine’s day? check yourself for testicular cancer – why give her a diamond, when you give her the family jewels?”

here’s what’s scary – the part in JUST bold i’m not sure about verbatim…but the parts in bold AND italics i KNOW is verbatim the script of the spot. fucking seriously? i know cancer is no laughing matter, and NO man wants his nuts attacked my cancer, a foot, or anything in between.

but ladies, tell me true – can we just grab our sack, check for lumps, and the most hated of holidays (for men) is behind us? or are some flowers, jewelry, or chocolates in order? i ain’t gonna lie – this last sentence is being typed one-handed…and if you’re my special lady come february, according to what i saw on tv tonight we’re square.

just sayin’…

(again, i love it when the bits write themselves)

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