the most expensive mullet EVER

you know that whole “business in the front, party in the back” shit?

yeah, it’s like that. why is the BACK SEAT convertible? because it’s a car designed for people that are DRIVEN around (note the amount of room between the back and front seats) and so why should the help have the wind through their hair?

it’s the maybach landaulet – maybach being the “luxury” line from the people that make those unluxurious mercedes benz heaps (think toyota vs. lexus or acura vs. honda). personally, i think it’s ugly as all hell, and surprisingly was the model they saw fit to leave unaltered from their 2008-2009 line OR their 2009-2010 line.

bright folks.

the cost for the most expensive mulletmobile ever? MSRP $1,380,000.00. yeah, how many doublewides will THAT buy ya?