hey man, can i bum some meth?

let’s revisit an old topic…

…my weight.

i’m trying not to obsess about this, but it seems like i should be able to get this under control – but i weighed in on the first friday of the year (i promised myself i would only weigh in on fridays) and i weighed 231. i’d like to be more like 210. i remember doing a bit on here a few years ago about how i was stuck at 210 and couldn’t get lower (did get to 209 ONE day and went to lunch with ME that day, so she’s the only person to see me that low on the scale since high school). but first week of jan i weighed 231…the next friday 232…and today (which i thought was friday when i woke up) 233.


don’t hand me diet tips – i won’t follow them. i have to figure this out on my own – i DO know how to stay at a weight once i hit it, but clearly the diet ideas that worked on me at thirty-three do not work so well at thirty-eight…or maybe i’m just not as strict on myself as i used to be? i need to figure this out – otherwise it’s off to that trailer in the corner of the trailer park where people just seem to come and go all day…

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  • Kramer Jan 14, 2010 @ 11:39

    lard butt.

    I have an excuse, seriously, all the lard in the creamy, soft, with its delicate nuance, flour tortillas.

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