funny no more?

i have a concern that kinda hit me during the holidays…

…i think i may be losing my funny. not joking. actually serious about this one.

when i was working retail (1996-2000) i went on a streak for about a month where i would come in and tell a fresh story to one of my co-workers the second i walked in the door, before i even said “hi”. they all started with “so i told the officer…”. an example:

so i told the officer, ‘why are you hassling me about pissing in this fountain? that little kid is doing it, and he’s bare-assed naked! this is age discrimination!’ then he pointed out to me that the ‘little kid’ in question was made of cement and actually PART of the fountain…

that’s not new material. that’s circa about 1998. see, this bit was ORIGINALLY planned to be a re-vamp of the “so, i told the officer…” bits i did back then (a couple of them made it on here with no explanation in the earlier days, as i recall) but then something happened i didn’t expect…

…i couldn’t come up with any new ones. none. zero. zip. zilch. nada.

so while i can still toss out a bit like:

so i told the officer, “hey man, don’t hassle me – the gun is registered, the permit is vaild, AND it’s deer season – i am TOTALLY covered on this shit!”…but he keeps going on and on…”blah, blah, blah…petting zoo…blah, blah, blah…’traumatized children'”…”

it’s because i came up with them over a decade ago – try to do that now, i got nothing. see, that week between xmas and 2kX i took off from writing fresh stuff i came up with an idea or two for bits…and this was one of ’em. but then when i sat down to write it – blank. and this was two weeks ago during the holidays – tried again last night and…nothing.

was chatting with a buddy the other day that recently turned thirty-five…he was lamenting the loss of his hair (i feel ya) and his sex drive (SO not a problem i’ve experienced) but then i wondered, when this kicked in, if older age is making me lose my funny.

carlin stayed funny.
dangerfield stayed funny.

hell, even don rickles stayed funny – and he’s still going at the age of 112…so can i REALLY be losing my funny? or is this my imagination?

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  • ME Jan 12, 2010 @ 17:56

    no, you’re not losing your funny

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