crips & tards

i was all sorts of proud of myself the other day…

…i thought i had come up with a new curse word.
sue me, that was a big deal for me – it just slipped out in traffic. isn’t amazing how we become different people behind the wheel? take ME, for example – lovely little latina, fun, bubbly, cool, gorgeous – then she gets behind the wheel of the miata and her mouth would make a biker blush. racial slurs, profanity – everything goes! kinda fun to watch…not so much when you screw up and have on speaker phone in a book store…

(sue me – my hands were full)

…but i digress. so, the other day, i was in traffic when i wanted to call someone a fucking retard…but i got lazy. so out of my mouth came “fucktard”. i had never heard that before, and thought perhaps i had come up with something new. when i mentioned it to shane later, he said he’d not only heard it but used it before…but since i don’t know the author, i think i may still take credit…

(see columbus “discovering” america – now he gets his own holiday. i’m just saying…)

when i went back to work to reveal my “discovery” to my co-workers (not bright) i was told that it was offensice not so much for the prefix (fuck) but for the suffix (tard). one of my co-workers informed me that you can’t call someone a retard…

…i disagree. what country does he think this is?

you can damn well call someone a “retard”. and they can be offended. that’s okay – but you do have the right to say it. they’re not “mentally challenged”. by defintion a “challenge” is difficult, but has the potential to be overcame. when’s the last time you saw some mongoloid-looking motherfucker look that way on sunday, and just fine on tuesday. doesn’t happen. period. if so, they are mental failures – they didn’t meet the challenge.

mentally handicapped i can buy…that one fits. but speaking of…

…don’t use that physically “challenged” term for the same reason. i mean honestly – if your leg is missing from the knee down today, it’s not gonna re-grow tomorrow. you’re not challenged – you’re handicapped. or physically disabled. but you’re not fucking challenged.

and stop trying to tell me what i can and can’t say you crippled fucktard – this is america; i have the right to say what i want, and you have the right to be offended by it. ain’t democracy grand?

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  • K Apr 4, 2008 @ 14:07

    The word “fucktard” recently entered my personal lexicon. Since I don’t read your shit, I must’ve invented it. Go me!

  • sean Apr 5, 2008 @ 9:08

    yes, Sweets, but i said it as well, and i’ve only spoken to you twice in the last six months, and both of said conversations were fucktard free, save for the participants – great minds think alike?

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