baring part (I, II, III, & IV) of my cinematic shame

i have a bit of a confession…

…my cinematic history has contained very little experience with the thespian named “sylvester stallone”. true story. i’ve seen (and enjoyed) both tango and cash (“i’ll bring the chainsaw…i’ll bring the beer”) and oscar (actually own that one).

admittedly, out of respect for the man, and realizing we ALL make mistakes, i’ve never seen stop, or my mom will shoot or judge dread or any of his other less memorable ones. but you know what’s shocking? especially considering i’m white, male, from a small town, and at least to make one of these even MORE odd, a knife collector?

i’ve never seen rambo. not one, two, three, or that fourth one that came out in the last couple years.

until this week i’d never seen any of the rocky movies, either. this tends to shock people. just never did. knew bits about them – just never sat through them. but a week or two ago the encore network did a rocky marathon and showed all of them up through the fifth one (the one that only came out a few years ago, which i think was titled rocky balboa rather than rocky vi wasn’t part of the marathon). on sunday night (late), i sat down and watched the first one. liked it. made it through rocky ii on monday (not so much the fan of that one). did mr. t (and to my surprise, hulk hogan) in rocky iii on tuesday. yesterday saw that bridgete nielson was, to my surprise, pretty effin’ hot in rocky iv. liked that one, too.

so here’s my dilemma – do i go ahead and watch rocky v? it’s still on the dvr – but i’ve heard nothing but shitty things about it. the plot line on the dvr summary doesn’t sound appealing “drunk? punchy?” and it was made five years after iv – do i push out the semi-final or walk away with a positive experience? thoughts? i’ll check comments later and let you make the decision for me…

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  • Shane Oct 22, 2009 @ 20:53

    Rocky 5 was the only one with a real pro boxer playing a role. Tommy Morrison played Tommy Gunn. Rocky Balboa is a diffrent movie(but still kinda the same).

  • the redhead Oct 22, 2009 @ 22:48

    I’ve never seen any of the Rocky movies either…trying to live my whole life by keeping it up!

  • transamdan Oct 23, 2009 @ 7:01

    ok, his best movie ever is without a doubt, Rhinestone, with Dolly Parton!!! I know ur going to laugh but it is probably one of the funniest movies I have ever seen!