al g rhythm can eat my ass

i hate that our devices spy on us…

…and then lie to us.

i know the future is AI, and there’s a good bit of AI in the present…but can we get some fucking HONEST AI for a change? like, don’t promise what you can’t deliver, ya know?

for instance – recently i was cranking through the SWA (South West Airlines) app looking for flights to NOLA around the UFC’s birthday. this time for all three of us (since the boy got stuck at the house when we went to Vegas). do we have this planned? no. do i think the budnik would do okay with this? not even. just curious where prices were. and, sure as your born, for all three of us to go it was around a grand. about what it was when we went the spring break pre-rona.

and this was more “off season” for heading to that party town that i was looking at.

but then the next day, surely NOT by coincidence, i get this email:

which would imply that the whole trip should be about a THIRD of what i saw…go back in the app, still half a strap. but they got me to look AGAIN, so they won.

fuck this algorithm shit.

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