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yeah, what she said

so, doesn’t it figure that the one entry y’all make comments on is the one i put up here to tell you that it was now possible to comment on ANY entry? and the comments weren’t even ABOUT the “sister” kathi has been wanting a place to vent about airline hassles, which i am SO cool with. then people started commenting on HER comment. all the better. but since i DO kinda write this shit, i figured i should throw in my last airline experience….
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top 10 rejected valentines

a brief note – at first i wrote comedic bits for kramer’s site,, but he bought the url on some fire sale in the uk and then gave it to me. i THINK he tried to kick start me doing the site by re-publishing this bit i did for his site, or maybe there were too many ass and hooker references for his taste so he never ran it on his site? the reason i think i wrote this instead of him is it’s more my style, and i can’t picture him being so tasteless as to write number nine, and i actually knew a girl who fits number seven (i never had to pay, i’ll quickly add), and number one just wreaks of me since i was all about the small town redneck stereotypes back then, so i’m 99.9% sure this is technically the first astrowhore bit, although it wasn’t actually written to be on here…
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