afternoon delight (an afternoon quickie)

so, when i got my last new tattoo, right before christmas, i made my sister a promise not to get anymore. now, i know what you’re thinking…i’ve been talking about a lot of tattoo work since, but those were all re-colors or completions, NOT a fresh piece. so as promised, if you’re reading this, teri, the count is still sitting at ten…

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swimming with the fishes

okay, so i’ve been driving around lately. a LOT. i’ve been to sa so many times in the last couple of months, i’ve lost count. i’ve had to drive around the valley. and corpus. and i never even bring up the 84 mile commute i deal with on a day-to-day basis (that IS round trip, not just one way). but in all my travels, i’ve noticed something. a theologically-based phenomenon….
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wtf, sean