explaining the impossible (a reader email inspired bit)

“something is too offensive for THIS site?”

…that seems to be the common line in several emails i got recently.

in a recent “sunday six pack” i made mention of the last pic being nixed for “taste reasons” – which frightened people since, let’s face it, some of the pics i’ve put up in the past don’t just BORDER on porn…the ARE porn.

(hell, i even starred in one – remember the one way back with me tied to the stripper pole and the strippers grinding on me? that polaroid’s around here somewhere…)

so, lemme explain what happened without putting the pic up – a few weeks ago (on the weekend i was carless) i went on a breakfast taco run on one of my bikes and saw a car that was basically parked in the street, but not along the curb – in the MIDDLE of the street, with the front bumper just inching into the edge of the driveway. it kinda looked like they had pulled UP to their driveway, but not INTO their driveway, and were therefore blocking half the street. i snapped the pic and proceeded to write up a bit about how “even on my bender nights i still at least get the car in the fucking driveway” and i think closed it with “fuck, i need to party with THESE folks!”.

a week later, the day before the bit was gonna post, i went on another bike ride for tacos (this one for exercise as i had the car back) and saw a six door limo parked at the house. not the kind you have for prom – the kind you have for funerals. i called a friend who edits the local paper and found out the guy died the night before i got that pic of cancer (what did i tell you about that lockhart water recently?!?) and so the car was probably moved to allow in emergency vehicles, or perhaps just thrown there after a distraught run back from the hospital.

either way, having my Mom die from cancer and all, not cool.

so, i nixed the pic out of poor taste for those reasons – unfortunately not anything fun. oh, and for the record, even on the night mom died i still got the car back in the driveway after the hurse was gone…so maybe i DO still need to party with those guys!

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