the self-wager wrap up

okay, since it’s now in august i guess i can do a slight revisit to the recent bit about what i may (or may not) have wagered about for the month of july…

…and for all those who didn’t click the link i put in to aid your memory, i’ll save you the trouble.

(and even run through them in order since i have to look back at the original text to remind myself)

shane’s been dropping weight like crazy (just not really eating) but the weight one, shockingly, wasn’t a july bet for me. i had a SUMMER long bet for this (ending summer on labor day weekend, not september 21st or whatever) of getting down to 215 (was 235 when i got laid off in february) BUT being able to bench 315 in the gym, so i could do 100 lbs over my own body weight. for all currently keeping score, i’m sitting at 222.5 (and ate the hell outta chicken and mac n’ cheese with JAB yesterday to be there) and can throw 250 up clean five times. only have to do the 315 once, so a month from now this could all be reality.

anybody who knows me knows i would never bet i WON’T get laid. that’s typically a given – it’s just life has been kinda atypical lately. let’s move on.

i genuinely DID think i’d be off the unemployment by now – and according to some letters i’m getting from some law firms i either need to be off the teet or out of my house pretty soon. again, taking the funny out here, but it’s the reality. sucks to be me – but something’s gotta give on this fucking SOON. i remember telling ME when i saw i had enough unemployment funds to last till august that, (and this is a direct quote), “if this is still going on in august i won’t need the money ’cause i’ll blow my fucking brains out!”

times like this i AM glad i don’t keep guns in the house. okay, you don’t pay me to depress you…although, actually, i guess you don’t technically pay me at all. but let’s get back to the funny – as i recall this one was unfunny on the original as well.

to get my room clean? that was honestly a bet i had with myself for the week i wrote it (prior to it being published up here). done and done. yea me! almost stayed that way for a week and everything!

the iTunes thing? shockingly shane thought this was the real one – but it was more the unemployed thing that was real. iTunes count currently at 5,291 – but i know at least 16 of that will probably be ditched as it was a disc i made off one of ME’s CD’s and most of the tracks weren’t the greatest of sound quality…you wouldn’t know it from looking at me, but i’m kind of a snob about that sort of thing.

as for the addiction kicking, that one was real – and will be an entry all to itself.

so, to recap – the unemployment and addiction were fully real self wagers…the clean room and weight only kinda, and the sex and rock n’ roll just thrown in ’cause…well, hell – who doesn’t appreciate sex and rock n’ roll?