sunday wager sixer

i used to have an annual tradition of sober time from july 5th (after getting my drunk on july 4th) till JAB’s b-day on August 5th…

…with all the stresses and strains i bet myself as to whether or not i could do it – but did i make it? well, before shane ruins that one in the comments section (or JAB, or anybody else who’s witness to the train wreck that’s been my life lately) the answer on that one is, NO – i didn’t. but that wasn’t the only wager – wonder what the other one was? wager on that yourself!

was my other bet…

1. to get down to “x” weight or lose “x” amout of pounds – not gonna put numbers here, ’cause it just gets old. i remember looking back at the archives once (before the bulk of them got wiped out) and thinking, “wow, you’re more obsessed with your weight than a teenage girl!”. the non-girlfriend used to gripe at me about that, too.

2. to NOT get laid – been watching a lot of movies on cable lately…did you ever realize how many of them focus around getting laid for fun or profit or wager? i once wagered myself (and did it) that i would go without for a whole YEAR. okay, so maybe it was more unpopularity than an actual wager – let’s move on before i get depressed here.

3. to stop suckling at the government teet – they can only be cool for so long, and if i don’t get a real paycheck soon i’m gonna lose my house. period. i remember applying for unemployment at the first of february and thinking to myself, “this should last till august” and then thinking “if i’m still jobless by then i’ll probably blow my brains out!”. this is being written on Wednesday, july 22nd, and i’m still jobless. glad i don’t keep a gun in the house…at least, while i still have a house. i know i can apply to get my benifits extended, but i REALLY don’t want to!

(boy, the funny got sucked out of that one pretty quickly, didn’t it?)

4. to finally get my room clean – i remember whenever i was bored and expressed such to my mom as a teenager she always suggested, “why don’t you clean your room?” as a result whenever i get bored cleaning is the LAST thing on my mind. my house reflects this. damn rebeliousness against authority still peaking through, i guess.

5. something to do with iTunes – leave this one kinda open. could go many directions – get over “x” number of songs, be done with going through all my own CDs, whatever. yeah, kramer, i know you have 4,386,729 songs in yours – if i had just ripped every CD i had, back to front, without a care in the world, i might be close…but i actually cherry pick through what i download AND what i rip…so i’ll actually LIKE what pops up on my iTUnes. i’m just sayin’. getting several thousand songs is easy – getting several thousand songs you actually LIKE, however…

6. to kick an addiction – be it the tylenol pm at night to turn my brain off so i can get sleep at night, or the xyience or rockstar or monster or nos in the morning to get it started again, i’ve always looked at physical dependence as the ultimate sign of weakness…and i hate seeing weakness in myself. not like they ALL have to go away, but at least one of ’em…

…so which one is it? place your bets, place your bets…month ain’t over yet!

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