y’all come back now, ya here

11/20/2006: “”

tell ‘ya little story ’bout my boy named shane…

…cool motherfucker, typically drunk and profane

this last weekend went to watch u.f.c.
when from outside came a scream, not of glee

“fuck you bitch, you fucked my best friend…
…get outta here or i’m gonna call the law…”

well the next thing ya here was a shot gun getting racked
damn el camino took a shot in the back
smoking out its tires
tearing down a road not paved
never would have happened if the bitch had behaved!!!

and that was just SATURDAY in the trailer park. i can’t WAIT to hang out there for at least part of turkey day!!! that’s when his neighbors can drink all they want and not have to go to work or church the next day!!!

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