anything but silent, anything but deadly

every now and then i have a whore idea that DOESN’T get used…

…i ditch them ’cause they deal with shit even i won’t talk about, or i deem them to sexually explicit, or in too poor of taste, or just too gross for me to put on here (believe it or not). this one possibly falls into the latter category, but it includes a question that hopefully a few of you will be able to answer, which is:

have any of you had an unexplained noise in a dream so loud it woke you up?

here’s why i ask – about 3am friday morning (as in yesterday, and only four hours before i’m typing this) i got woke up by (what i remember) as a loud, wet, farting kind of noise. i KNOW it wasn’t me, ’cause the action that accompanied the noise i REMEMBER would have been, well, to put it delicately, messy due to the relative humidity.

(at this point i’d like to remind you i thought this might be too gross to put up here, but the ‘noise that woke you up’ question had to be addressed so i wouldn’t to give back-up as to why i was asking…)

next thought, maybe the giant cist-like bubble on tish had popped and she was no longer with us…neither snake has eaten in the last week, so i didn’t think it was them relieving themselves, and upon checking on them in the wee hours (around 3:15am at this point) i found their tanks clean.

that only left the dogs…

…cruel as it may sound to some of you, i knew it would be to dark to hose out crates and get them properly clean, so i decided to not even look until dawn. for those who judge me on this, some ill advice (pun intended) on food i should switch the dogs to a couple years ago initiated an outbreak of such issues that did see me cleaning crates when i got home at 9pm, after dark, and it sucked.

but i woke up this morning and all was clear and clean…thank god!

so that just takes me back to what woke me up at 3am (and wondering about it kept me up till damn near 4am) – must have been a sound in a dream…or an animal outside? i really doubt the latter, ’cause i even checked the yard around my corner of the house, and there’s nothing…so, again, have any of you had an unexplained noise in a dream so loud it woke you up?

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  • the redhead Jul 18, 2009 @ 14:22

    Usually the sound comes from the ‘outside’ and gets incorporated in your dream….Maybe it was you but just not the more ‘humid’ variety.

  • sean Jul 20, 2009 @ 9:50

    i dunno – never in thirty-eight years have i woke myself up THAT way…with pain or the usual male “kickstand” way, sure; but never THAT way.

    and in a case of life imitating art, this was written on FRIDAY morning, but by the time it posted shane had been to the house, fed the dogs beef jerky (which normally doesn’t produce any issues) and i ended up getting woke up ninety minutes after i crashed to scrub out crates at 4am and then had to scrape my office floor clean the next morning when i got up on only three more hours of sleep…