porn lovers of the world, unite and take over!

do you enjoy watching amputee chicks with fake boobs wrestle in pudding?

me, too – but i don’t need anybody knowing about it.

let’s face it, this is not the most intellectually-themed site on the web. it’s not. not that i don’t have my share of intellectual moments, but for the most part this isn’t exactly the place to hit online to expand your mind or gain useful, intelligent insight into the problems facing the world today.

it’s pretty much mindless entertainment. and i’m okay with that. hell, i embrace it.

i figure the majority of my readership is people that know me, or heard about me through friends, or googled some fucked up phrase like “midget rodeo clown porn” (i was once the top result on google with that one, believe it or not) and found the site, or tried to find a whore on line and here we are.

it’s mindless. it’s fun. it’s offensive. it curses a lot. kinda like hanging out with me in real life!

i love my readers, i love my friends, i love my friends that read me just as much as the ones that refuse to read me ’cause the site is sexist, spiteful, profane, sacrilegious, offensive, and somewhat cruel. but do you know what most of my readers have in common?

they love them some porn! anybody notice this at the bottom of the site?

well, i didn’t put it there. same can be said for all the other “ads” you see off to the left. all the work of kramer, the guy i inherited the site from back in february of 2002.

a brief history lesson:

successful internet astrologer kramer once had the idea to start up a purely entertaining website, and since it would “whore” off his current readership, servers, and hosting, but would NOT be for profit like his actual astrology page, he dubbed it “astro” (to keep up with the theme) “whore” (already explained) “.org” (already covered that with the “not for profit” discussion).

problem was, it was a bit too much for him to keep up with at the time, and after a pizza and coffee night in san marcos with kramer, myself, and ME the latter suggested to (told) kramer that he needed to make me write somewhere ’cause she thought i’d be good at it. he brought up this site, and here we are. he still does most of the admin back end crap, i just write shit. he advertises his MANY sites he does now (amazing how much time the boy seems to have these days) and occasionally does stuff that doesn’t fly, like getting us the upgraded version of wordpress and all of a sudden the site looked like ass for some reason…

…or tracking those of you who like to watch latinas do barnyard animals, or asian schoolgirls pillow fight, or whatever.

so look to your left, faithful readers – all kramer’s ads, no more porn watchdog shit. i’m no webmaster, but i can figure out how to get rid of shit that makes you (and me) look like we have some kind of a problem.

you’re welcome!