“da whore” no more?

sue me, i get bored…

…i got no job, i got no life, i gotta entertain myself SOMEHOW these days, and i noticed something kinda weird.

i can change the top of the screen where it said “da whore”, so i did.

the current one (“i’m too drunk to taste this chicken”) is from a movie…and if you recognize the quote you both scare AND impress me (although in this google age if you do it by cheating not so much). the only problem is it ALSO changes the actual title on the page, so it writes itself over the pics on the masthead, so i’ve got to keep them relatively short or they go over the “…motherfucking charm…” tile and make it unreadable and i just can’t have that.

(i found this out when i tried to put “if you don’t blow up part of your country this weekend the terrorists win” but it bled over the masthead text AND probably got me on some kind of government watch list for the two minutes it was out there in cyberland)

so, keep your eye to the top and you can see how bored i get. might have to vary up the text below (which was a simposons quote, for all curious) in the meantime as well. and as if the lameness of this entry doesn’t show it, yeah we’re pretty much back live again after a couple weeks of me being ahead of the game, both on the whore AND in my life…times, they may be a changin’, i suppose.