anybody blow up anything fun?

some of you may remember i was SUPPOSED to be in new orleans this weekend to make up for not being there on my birthday…

…but i vetoed that idea. i have no job – money’s tight. i need to be responsible. so, i bailed on new orleans and stayed back here…to get drunk. didn’t really job search much. but i was SUPPOSED to come back on tuesday, so if i make today really count it makes up for it, right?

that’s what i’m telling myself and i’m sticking to it.

so, if i wasn’t responsible, what the hell did i do with my weekend?

started off friday (funny how this felt like a three day weekend to me even though technically my weekend “started” on february first) sitting on my ass, FINALLY made myself go to the gym, then it was off to shane’s to force him into watching superbad, which he had never seen…

(which given that i know ME has never seen weird science and MsT has never seen ferriss bueller’s day off this was no great comedic movie crime…)

a note to seth rogen – when you do a movie, and write the scene (you know the one) where you have some grain of emotional redemption, go ahead and delete it. seriously. in pineapple express it was the whole diner scene. in superbad it’s the slumber party. were it not for these scenes the movies are fucking hysterical. the latter was saved on friday as shane went on a bong vodka-fueled rant about something or the other and completely talked his way through the whole seen, and as a result loved the movie. seth, seriously – if we wanted drama we’d see a chick flick. stick to the weed and dick jokes and all will be well. i’m just sayin’.

moving on…

…saturday i spend predominantly solo (a lot of that going on these days) then me and shane headed to my former co-worker di’s (pronounced “deez” as in “deez nuts”) place in cedar park for grub and blowing stuff up. okay, so WE didn’t blow up shit, ’cause the invite specified “if you want to set off your own fireworks then bring your own, a lighter, and you have to front me the $250 CPPD will charge me for you doing so before you light the first fuse”. we’re unemployed and don’t have that sort of budget, so we just let the pros do it…

…and i was glad we did.

for the last several years i’ve done the small-town lockhart picnic/bbq thing at the city park and while it’s been a while since i saw a big city (austin or sa) fireworks show i have to say that cedar park was easily the best one i’d ever seen, bar none. the SUPER cool thing was we could watch it from di’s driveway with all the beer, tequila, and other party favors in tow and afterwards, while the traffic was all shitty, we just kept going till about 1am and rolled out from there.

all good, all buzzed, and all blowed up. just the way we all need to celebrate, right?

so NOW, i need to be responsible today to make up for it all…any bets on whether or not i actually accomplish it?

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  • Shane Jul 6, 2009 @ 11:18

    I think one of the coolest things about the Cedar Park fireworks show was that they covered any displays that might have been duds, kinda building in left over fireworks after the main display.

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