AND he liked to touch little boys…

one guy had the courage to say it yesterday, early on, on cnn…

…and wolf blitzer didn’t care for it.

yes, while a cnn anchor was re-living the career he apparently THOUGHT he shoulda had as an MTV VJ by intermingling cuts of the hospital, and the fans, and the vigil outside his house with videos (complete with introductions) of bad, beat it, and billy jean he cut to one guy and this is how the conversation went…

“we now join [insert name here, i don’t remember it] to talk about michael’s stellar career, which was ALMOST derailed by the shocking accusations of child molestation until he was acquitted of the charges…”

well, you know wolf, he was acquitted in that one very public case, but he also settled another one for a reported ten million dollars out of court, and in addition to those two there were several other allegations…


he was always such a humanitarian – as shown in this video we will close our portion with, “black & white”

never heard another word about it. all kinds of clips from when he was black. all sorts of concert footage. video montages. testimony from celebrities, past and present, about how wonderful and generous and talented he was. i don’t discount that – it all fits. how he was a major influence on pop music and for a time, pop culture. i agree with that, too. but lest we forget PART of why he had to sell off neverland ranch and go live abroad awhile is due to the punchline of my favorite MJ joke…

“what’s the difference between michael jackson and neil armstrong? well, neil armstrong was the first guy to WALK on the MOON, whereas michael jackson…likes to FUCK LITTLE BOYS!”

so while he WAS an icon and a pop legend and his music and dance moves and influence will be sorely missed i couldn’t help but feel that the warm breeze i felt last night while lighting up my cigar on the porch wasn’t just the summer wind frank sinatra once sang of, but rather the collective sigh of relief of young boys everywhere knowing that one more person that would have sent them straight to therapy via the hell of molestation was no longer with us.

michael jackson – humanitarian, pop icon, pederass
rest in peace
(but don’t bury him within two hundred feet of a school, another child, or a chuck-e-cheese)

i won’t touch them until they’re THIS many

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  • MsT Jun 26, 2009 @ 10:53

    Since MJ is 99% plastic, they decided to melt him down and make legos….. this way the kids can play with him for once.

  • sean Jun 26, 2009 @ 11:02

    okay, that’s just CLASSIC, MsT. kinda scary, but classic!