rumours of my death have been greatly exagerated

who knew your facebook status was some kind of lifeline?

i sure as fuck didn’t – i just saw it as an annoyance. that’s why a couple weeks ago i stopped updating it, put “sean is gone” and moved on. with the exception of updating every little nugget of my life to see how many people would “comment” or “like” it, everything is pretty much the same. no job, no money, no woman, etc, etc, etc.

but the other day was, as lovely lady leia put it, “the perfect storm”.

shortly after i had put the “sean is gone” thing on facebook i had a friend who wanted to go to wimberly for an afternoon. i had nothing to do, had my afternoon free (as most are when you’re jobless) and so i headed off to wimberly, which is a quaint little town outside of san marcos. it lacks big city crowds and rush, and other big city things like traffic, corporate america, and cell phone reception.

it was that last part that made this interesting.

it should be noted that leia, like myself, is a gemini. and we gemini folk thrive on communication – take it away, and we tend to freak out a little. surprisingly i didn’t freak out when the cell phone reception went to hell ’cause nobody really calls me during the day. at least, not usually.

on the way out we peaked on a hill and my phone rang with leia on the caller i.d., which is odd because she never calls me…ever. but as soon as she was there she was gone (bad reception as we started down the hill). when i was told reception would be hit or miss (mainly miss) i just turned off the ringer and moved on with the day. four hours later when we got back to civilization i pulled my phone out and showed two missed calls from leia as well as a couple texts from her.

“are you okay?” and “are you there?”

i then showed a missed call or two from MY SISTER, followed by two texts…

“are you okay?”

and more frighteningly…

“a friend of yours on facebook emailed me and said she was worried about you and couldn’t reach you…”

then a missed call from my dad

(fortunately the last one was COMPLETELY unrelated to the leia panic, but in her defense she had only had a few hours so she couldn’t figure out how to contact ALL my family…)

first i calmed my sister down via phone, then called leia,which just to give you a timeline, was the first time we’ve heard each other’s voices in probably twelve or thirteen years (when i said she “NEVER” calls i meant it). turns out she saw the fb status, then tried to call or text with no response, and got a little panicky. very cute, very sweet, and if she hadn’t involved teri the funny would have been in there, too. but spooking family kinda took the funny away a bit.

so, to keep leia happy (which all men should strive to do, according to her) starting today (actually i started it back on the 18th) i will update my facebook status every other day STRICTLY to pimp the whore…

…and i mean that in the “advertise my new web bit” way, not the more conventional use of the phrase. sadly, i didn’t catch that when it first came to me.

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  • MsT Jun 30, 2009 @ 10:38

    isn’t that the most bizarre thing about facebook, makes one want to be rid of it sometimes. Myspace is not like that at all. And screw twitter. I WILL NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO KNOW WHAT THAT IS ALL ABOUT

  • sean Jun 30, 2009 @ 16:38

    i agree – i may do some odd shit from time to time, but i refuse to attach myself to a site that sounds like tweety bird’s gay cousin…

  • Leia Jul 11, 2009 @ 1:23

    Love it!!!! It’s a great story, huh?