the weekend, part ii

okay, so i FINALLY had a decent girl show experience last night; don’t get me wrong, the others haven’t been BAD, per say; just not as good as last night; first off, un-like no doubt, the crowd did not make me feel prematurely geriatric; which is always a good thing with the ol’ 3-1 approaching in exactly one month (that’s right, kids – only 30 more shopping days till my birthday).

and unlike alanis morissette, not every other woman in the room was looking at me with a combo meal of emotions stemming from rage (because i had a dick and therefore had an unspoken, unknown sort of male bond with the man who did “that” to them, whatever “that” may have been) and sadness (same dick-possession…bond…”that” scenario).

last night was just a damn good show, with great lights, brown-noise quality bass, and a lot of VERY hot women, most of which seemed to end up in the rather cozy vip balcony where i retired after i got done working, so life was all good; or at least had a VERY good view. now i’m ready for the other summer grrrrl shows i’m working this summer – natalie, jewel, melissa, et al. at least the nat show will kinda balance with chris isaak co-headlining and at the end, we get to blow shit up (it’s on fourth of july…don’t send the atf to my house for that one….that’s the one day saying such a thing is legal)

the only problem with music hall shows for me is i never think to make after show plans; i always chalk up the night as some sort of social loss because i’m WORKING; never mind the fact that i’ll be done around 10:00 or so and therefore have a good bit of night ahead of me; THAT part never crosses my mind. so now, i end up with nothing to do; but hey, at least it was 11:30 or so, so i can head home, just grab a six pack of skyy on the way, and not feel like a total loser.

speaking of skyy (for which i got CARDED, btw…TOO funny; always seems to happen when i’ve just shaved my head and the goatee is DAMN close cropped) does anyone know the alcohol content on this stuff?

i thought it was some kind of federal law that alcohol content had to be printed on the bottle or something; but when i first tried this stuff at a graduation party last week, i didn’t see it on the bottle; and since i’d bought a bucket of five, and therefore had no six-pack carton, i figured it would be on the six-pack packaging.

but it’s NOT.

so, i sit, i drink, and i notice that a six can make me sleep a LONG time (went to bed around 2:00 and didn’t BUDGE till half past noon…how on EARTH am i gonna sleep tonight? do the math…start drinking more of it around what? 6:45 or so?) but all the lemon-flavored malt stuff does that to me; and this stuff has VODKA in it to boot; smirnoff ice doesn’t. the only thing vodka like in that is the name.

so, sunday is paint day…get to that now, and write more on it in part iii…

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