the weekend, part i (hey, not ALL my subject lines are gonna be creative, okay?)

“i’m thoroughly enjoying myself; but don’t worry, you’re not alone…there’s not a SINGLE guy who’s here, and HAPPY he’s here.”

so sayeth my “sister” kathi about mid-way through the song that launched the career of the woman on the stage. the song is, “you oughta know” and the woman is alanis morissette. true ’nuff call; except for the one guy we saw after the last trip down off the vip balcony before we left (and this guy was the reason we went RIGHT back up to the balcony) he was FRIGHTENINGLY into it. almost more than the women folk were. certainly a LOT more than me. but i promised kathi the show, she got the show, and was a happy woman. this is what it took to rupture HER funk bubble of late, and helping out your “sister” in those type of situations is a good thing.

i almost didn’t start off with the kathi quote; my ORIGINAL intro was supposed to be:

“women in tears everywhere, and every guy has the same look in his eye; the look of “help me”. i MUST be at an alanis morissette show”….

the backyard has always kept an odd schedule for a concert venue….typically, if a show starts at 8:00, the doors will open at 7:00. but since the ‘yard is WAY out west of austin, they open the doors at 6:30 to help the inevitable slam they’d get if they only allowed an hour, so those who do beat the wash of traffic can get in and get situated. NOW, they start letting people into the “corrals” (the area that’s in the venue, but NOT in the venue) even earlier; so that way you start drinking and snacking before you’re actually inside. your ticket’s torn, so you can’t leave; but you can’t even SEE the stage yet, and they’ve already gotten some more of your money.

add to that now, as the ‘yard celebrates it’s 10th anniversary, that they’ve decided to do so as the hall of the women. alanis morissette, jewel, natalie merchant, melissa ethridge, and bonnie raitt are already scheduled; and rumors of indigo girls and more are on the way. all a bunch of shows where the women WILL go, and WILL drag along their man, who won’t wanna be there, so they’ll drink plenty to cushion the experience, and then the girl will hear that “one” song by the artist, think about things a bit too much, and decide that she, too, needs a drink or three.

more money, more money, more money…BRILLIANT!!!

after the show, some alcohol absorption was needed (it’s the bright guy who cushions his femm shows with HAPPY HOUR priced booze, ya know – man, those windy roads in the middle of nowhere out to the ‘yard are DAMN fun at about 70mph hour when you’re buzzing) so off to katz’s we went; which was when i made an uncool discovery…i hadn’t run the ticket stock to waterloo i meant to because the show ran later than i’d planned and waterloo was now closed anyway.


so now, when i crawl out of bed saturday morning, i have to remember to call waterloo and make sure they’re cool on supplies, since saturday IS on-sale day and all in ticket land. but they weren’t, and nobody could go from the office, so i had to do it.

63 miles round trip. two-and-a-half hours out of my saturday. and all ’cause i screwed up; i basically worked about FOUR minutes of that two-and-whatever hours. damn, that sucks.

but tonight’s garbage (as in the band is performing, and i’m working the show…not meant to sound like i’m condemning my night already) so, we’ll see where that goes. look for the weekend, part ii tomorrow.

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