life is all about balance. light and dark. yin and yang. happiness and sadness. and my life lately is NO exception. in fact, it’s more the textbook definition there of. this week, for example…monday, wednesday, friday is all about working out with weights and cardio. tuesday-thursday is all about eating crap, smoking cigars, and drinking heavily (probably do a bit of that last one on friday, since i DID skip thursday as far as that was concerned, unfortunately). and through it all, thank the fates, i’m STILL losing weight. without sunlight, there is no shadow, i suppose….

like my tv viewing tonight; i had it to where if i hit the “jump” button on my remote it bounced between the apocalypse now redux (i.e. the three and a half hour directors cut) and the E! true hollywood story on jerry garcia. kinda like the television viewing equivalent of a vw beetle with an “nra forever” bumper sticker. it makes sense to ME, but then again what computes well in my brain usually seems odd to the other 99.9% of the world; of course, that’s why y’all read me, right? the mental six car pile up of the world wide web,…not to be confused with the spin-off porno site i’m starting, (only kidding…got the idea from one of my typos…what can i say…ass on the brain; it’s been a while, ya know? feel free to change that…)

apoc now is a pretty good flick…it shows us modern man at it’s most primal; at war. the killing of the “enemy”, who you only view as such because if you don’t, they kill you. man’s inhumanity to man. the eternal struggle of good versus evil, both in the war as a whole, internally amongst the ranks, and even more internally inside the men’s conscientiousness’s themselves. you know what else it shows you? the pains of aging….

brando did NOT age well, but sheen did. go figure….hit the bounce button, and you’ll see jerry didn’t do too great, either…

that was what was interesting, bouncing between helicopter hell fire in the jungles of ‘nam to dead footage from avalon ballroom shows; it was like being stuck in the middle of one of those fast pop-culture scene cuts in natural born killers. but without that acid vibe or the trent reznor-penned soundtrack.

maybe it would all have been better if i HAD drank heavily tonight. but to keep the balance theme alive, the entry i did about dentists made TOTAL sense to me, and this one doesn’t. to quote larry miller, “what can i say…sometimes i just babble till i annoy myself”. mission accomplished…

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