my first old guy injury?

of all times, it had to be on the fucking leg press…

…not the kind i like, where it pivots, but rather the kind i DON’T like, where it slides.

and it wasn’t even that heavy, at least not for me (i’d guess around 550 lbs, as there was 540 lbs in weights and i’d guess the carrier jump in at round 10 lbs). but on the last of our sets, on the sixth rep, i felt a pop of some sort deep inside my left quadricep and my leg almost gave. fortunately the left one and what was left for the right one to give got the weight back upright, and we called leg day done from there.

that sucked.

it was bad the rest of the night, and got worse once i got home. saturday was better, and sunday better still, but yesterday it got a bit more “tender”, but you can tell it’s an underlying muscle because if you rub the surface you don’t feel pain, but when you move you do.

it’s what i call the “ultimate injury”. why? because it hits me when i’m doing what i enjoy – sitting on the couch, laying down in bed, driving the car…all have subtle movements that trigger it. just standing there with all my weight on it? it’s fine. walking, even jogging? fine. but the shit i LIKE to do? THEN it hurts. i don’t know if it’s a pull, strain, or sprain (i doubt it’s a tear since i can still walk fine) but it sucks. my boss claims to have something similar (we’re about the same age) on his left leg and says it’s been a thing for MONTHS.

mine’s only been since friday – i don’t want “months”.

lifting it seems to be fine (at least on all upper body shit both sunday and today), but doing the seated ab machine was a no fucking go. i don’t think i did abs sunday, either, since i was in a hurry to get to the shop. i’ll have to figure out a core plan that doesn’t upset it because that part of my anatomy goes to shit QUICKLY. i’m taking legs off this week, and possibly next (next was already a plan due to a two hour calf tattoo happening thursday) but i tried some stretching today and felt NADA. but when i got OFF the stretching thing i felt it pissed, so we’ll see where this goes…

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