two guys and a hoe

2k3 has not been the coolest of years thus far. just been a funk the whole damn time. now don’t get me wrong, i’m not counting the year out just yet. maybe (or more so, hopefully) the year’s just getting all the bad shit out of the way now so it can rock the rest of the time. about 75% of the way through last year, i wrote it off and decided that THIS year, 2k3, was gonna be ALL mine. the year all of my life’s little pieces come together to form the rich labyrinth of a 3-D jigsaw puzzle that is my life. yeppers, that IS the plan.

but that’s for later…and now, we’re stuck in…well…now. which has been kinda sucking.

that’s why my new year’s resolution to even get this PAGE back under control (i.e. start writing on a daily basis) didn’t exactly go as planned, as the spotty entries thus far would show (i believe we’re in day seven of the year, and this is only the FOURTH entry, for example).

there’s even a pending company excursion to colorado that i may or may not be on and nobody seems to know for sure. am i going? am i not? for how long? will i make it back? will my sack shrink beyond repair? (okay…so those last two aren’t legitimate COMPANY concerns, but damn it they bother me…) and if i end up there for a week or more i’ll probably have minimal if any personal internet or phone time…which i can’t decide how i feel about.

as for the title, it comes from a phone call the other day where as someone was blazing down 281 in SA they saw a truck / trailer combo unloading some heavy equipment into a ditch they were working on, and that was the name of the company…”two guys and a hoe”. i was told it sounded like one of my recent subject lines, and i agreed, so here we are. sorry if that kinda disappointed y’all. i know at least one or two of you readers have had that fantasy (not necessarily involving me, just in general)…and probably more of you than will admit it, but never mind that now…

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