a near miss…sorta (throwback thursday)

so, once again, i hit the disc to see if i could find something EXACTLY fifteen years old…

…and i nailed it – to the day i’m actually WRITING this. now, they day it comes out it misses by a day – but in my defense, apparently fifteen years ago to the day i didn’t do a bit (back then i had nothing to flashback to, so i guess i just got lazy) but i did one on the sixth, and because of a kramer (who just turned sixty) reference it made it more fun, so here we go:

(FYI – the bit i’ll archive will have the original comments section not included here)

12/06/2002: “grey day or dre day? you make the call…”

yeah, i know…why does it seem like i’ve suddenly developed an astrowhore allergy? like my creativity has run dry? well, good question…i’ve heard it all in my quest to figure out what the fuck is up…that the “newness” has worn off. that i’m depressed. that’s it’s the winter blahs. perhaps a bit of all of them. it is NOT because my brain has been sucked out by aliens and replaced with an interplanetary control device that seeks to govern my every mood. yes, i’ve even heard that one, which only shows that kramer’s readers read my page after all. speaking of, a riddle…

what do kramer, a handgun, a malt liquor, a two-tune record, and a highway that connects dallas and houston all have in common?

they’re all 45!!! happy belated, bro.

so, with the on-set of winter comes the on-set of the grey days. sometimes rain, sometimes not. but whole lots of grey. today started off that way, then got deceptively sunny…which i only refer to as deceptive because those of us from ’round here equate sun with warmth, which today did NOT contain in our area…but the grey will return and hang as it always seems to.

being somewhat musical (which is not to imply that my body emits tunes, but rather that i enjoy music) i equate different songs with different moods and settings, and grey days are no exception. in fact, i feel they have a life all their own. with so many of them staring us in the face in the near future, i could stand some grey day tuneage suggestions. oddly enough, i have a list of my own to get the ball rolling…

1. r.e.m. – automatic for the people
2. the cure – head on the door
3. depeche mode – black celebration
4. jane’s addiction – nothing’s shocking
5. new order – low life
6. the cult – love
7. the smiths – greatest hits
8. lenny kravitz – mamma said
9. sting – all this time
10. jamiroquai – traveling without moving

of course, these are in no particular order, but let me know what you would add. don’t point out deletions, ’cause this is just what will be in my changer the next dreary-ass sunday we have down here in south central tejas.

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