g.f.y. day

i want today to be a new national holiday…

…although the way my life’s been going we might have to have more than one of these a year.

recently i was reconnected with this drop-dead gorgeous girl i went to college with who somehow, in the decade plus since i’ve seen her, has gotten MORE drop-dead gorgeous and not aged. she attributes it to not getting married and not having kids. shit, neither did i, so where did i go wrong? let’s move on…

she had an interesting confession during that first (two hour or so) chat. it seems a girl we both knew had cause a ripple in my world i never knew about – back when i was in college i had my DREAM internship lined up, but when i showed up the first day i was told there had been some department restructuring and that the new guy wouldn’t be able to take on an intern. it made sense, so i went out and got a much lamer (and stressful) internship only to later find out i didn’t actually even need an internship…the suckiest part of my last semester at college.

but apparently the excuse was bullshit – it seems said girl had complained to her manager (as she got out a semester or two ahead of me and was working at the station by then) that she “would feel uncomfortable having me in the building”. fearing i was some kind of stalker guy or something, they then went to my aforementioned d.d.g. friend who they knew also knew me from college and she said she’d love to have me around. that wasn’t enough, though, and my internship was pulled anyway.

when i heard this i was floored. not so much ’cause the internship never happened, even though that would have rocked – but rather because somebody i considered a cool friend had really burned me bad. sure, she later got married to a guy she then caught making out with another GUY in an alley on 6th street. not the point. was still pretty pissed about this.

but then i got to thinking…

…had the internship happened it probably would have turned into a job with that station and i never would have gone on 101x – so i never would have met kramer, which means i wouldn’t have had that friendship for the last decade plus. also, moving kramer was how i got calum, so i never would have had my boy. and lest we forget without the kramer friendship the site you’re reading would never have had me writing it…

i also would have never probably gone on to the record store, which means i never would have met harold (used to sell him smokes and jewelry) nor benita nor the girl who introduced me to shane. also would have never met the star tickets guys, which provided me with some amazing experiences (chronicled in the earlier, now erased off the face of the earth days of this site) and never would have caused me to go online and find some of the girls that are still good friends to this day (no naMEs mentioned)

…so she got a dude-smooching pee-pee toucher for a husband, and i got kramer, calum, astrowhore, harold, shane, ME, and tons of fun stories and experiences out of it. i’d say i lost the battle but won the war – and then some.

but so not the point. it was still a total underhanded, self-serving, suck-ass cunt move. and those who know me know i rarely use the “c” word – but this girl really deserved it. so for that, i proclaim today “go fuck yourself” day in her honor. if i ran into her (and she was worth my time to seek out) i would totally tell tracey (what, you thought i’d leave her name out?) to go fuck herself for being such a bitch. if there’s somebody in your world you feel has really deserved it, don’t hold back today…you know i won’t!

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