catch up sixer

not to be confused with this, of course:


no, this is just six little things to catch you up on what’s going on in seanland…

free surfing part i (jay z fixed my internet) – a couple of nights before i was perusing through a music memorabilia auction site and when i clicked on the link to see one jay-z’s private stock of gold-leafed champagne bottles…


…a pop up telling me my battery was near death blocked the image and windows 10 wouldn’t let me close it until it was plugged in, so i got my adapter and went to plug in when *POP* a blue spark lept out. the only thing plugged into this cord was my wi-fi extender, so i plugged my notebook in and charged it – but as i drifted off to sleep it occurred to me that said spark indicated a power irregularity that might be effecting the extender. i went and just plugged it into the wall and pow – no more problems. since we got it, at least once every day or two, the blue light is blinking orange and we have to reset it. after months of issues and even returning one to amazon for a replacement it was the fucking extension cord? thanks, jay-z! is there nothing jigga can’t do?

i do not like green bleeding bmw’s, i do not like them something that rhymes with “bmw’s” – hopefully this doesn’t jinx me, but…i think the coolant leak in the car is finally fixed. started with a simple “eh, fuck it – as long as shit’s apart” hose swap since i had the fan and intake out, which led to o-rings and water pump and pulleys and said hose and broken cap seals and replacement expansion tank and transmission thermostat and finally replacing the damn radiator. for all curious there IS still the main thermostat and three hoses untouched…for now. if the level is still good when i check it tomorrow morning after my weekend of driving i’ll call it good.

no longer walking on chineses – back in 2001 i had the chinese symbols for “right” and “left” put on the appropriate feet, but facing upside down so they were right side up to me (and this was before every white woman on the planet decided to do this with wrist tattoos of crosses or anchors or “believe” or “breathe” or what have you because it was “more for me than the general public”, i might add). in this case it’s because it WAS for me – while the tattoos seemed comical the deeper meaning was to remind myself that my perspective on how i approach things is more important than the perspective of others (i.e. my foot labeled “right” would be the left side for anybody facing me) but now i decided to go more funner and had some cover-ups done:


two to three hours PER foot (two separate sessions) – not as bad as you’d think…

free surfing part ii (kramer, snitches get stitches!) – so, an unmentioned controversy from our coastal trip to kramer’s joint…there was a fee i wasn’t expecting, and kramer told me to try and negotiate it, so my “angle” was to ask it to be removed due to me paying our full NORMAL fee up front last time only for us to have to run for the hills (literally) hours later due to the unit flooding during a storm. when i went to check out they said i wasn’t being charged and the “owner liaison” would be in touch to discuss how much this most recent stay would really end up costing me. a week later they haven’t called. i guess maybe this stay was on them due to last time paying when i really didn’t need to? hopefully so…(again, kramer, don’t rat us out on this)

about damn time – my buddy the astrologer and real estate mogul tells me mercury is no longer retrograde. thank christ! ya know, normally this stuff effects me so little i don’t even know when it happens until the ufc mentions something to me, but this one was undeniable!

and finally…

just so shane can drool one last time:


on many occasions folks that can afford bad-ass tattoos can also afford bad-ass rides. not usually THIS bad-ass, but this one was worth noting.

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