green day – the day after

no, this is not about a somewhat mall punk band…

…”somewhat” used because compared to, say, blink 182 or something green day has a lot more punk street cred. let’s move on…

apparently, from what i saw last night, we are the people that are not expected to run to the a.c.l.u….

…and we won’t, but never mind that now.

shamrocks every where. leprechauns. green beer (which is never actually irish beer, but rather swill with food coloring – the place i went after i worked out had green miller high life. no bullshit. i drank smithwick’s).

in six weeks when cinco de mayo comes to town, will they have “get your mexican on!!!” banners at bars with everone wearing sombreros and big pancho villa moustaches and bullets in an “X” across their chest?

or pancho’s?

or leaf blowers?

(everything above this line was actually written ON st. patrick’s day – everything below it written “the morning after” – two pints, two full glasses of Tulamore Dew Irish Whiskey, no hangover…which for those who know me, is no surprise)

seriously, though – if i wore a shirt that said, “kiss me, i’m black!” on m.l.k. day i’d get my ass stomped, stabbed, or shot (or all three – they call that the “three for one combo” in the hood) but all the crap yesterday was perfectly acceptable, apparently. wear green – i don’t have a problem with that. but it’s really funny to me that what started as a religious day in my family’s motherland has turned into an excuse for normal people to think they can drink like me and shane, usually while wearing something that looks like “lucky” from the “lucky charms” cereal on them somewhere.

(and again, if we had “kentucky fried sugar pops” with a bubble lipped, afroed black kid on the front of the box, they wouldn’t last a day on the shelves…just sayin’ – how are lucky charms any different?)

i gotta go back to the days when they had those signs up that said “help wanted, irish need not apply” (have a re-creation of an antique one of these in my office…has taken on whole new meaning lately) and wonder – back then, when we were “micks” and lumped in with all the chincs, spics, and niggers (asians, latins, and african-americans in today’s terms) did you have your average english or polish white folk wearing green and sporting “kiss me, i’m irish” crap? hell, i even saw someon the “c,s, & n”* crew yesterday…

*”c,s, & n” refers to the afromentioned racial slurs, not “crosby, stills, & nash – which i only put in ’cause kramer reads my shit and his generation would lean that way and wonder what THAT band was doing in a bar where i was drinking…

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  • Shane Mar 18, 2009 @ 9:59

    Let everyone pretend they are Irish one day outta the year, we get to be the real thing (hang overs, assault charges, bad food and all) the other 364 days.

    And just to set the record straight…St. Patty’s was celebrated here in America long before it was in Ireland.

    Big whup, wanna fight about it?