who’d i piss off?

i remember, not too long ago, doing a bit on here about how nobody typically comments on entries any more…

…no sooner had i put that, and WHAM! i was besieged with comments – but not from readers, per se. a whole shitload of spam, though. at first it was almost all russian (easy to spot with the “.ru” at the end of every email address. and lest you look below at all the “No Comments” on all the entries and think to yourself, “what am i missing here?”, i have one HELL of a spam filter, so nobody sees them but me. seriously, though – i average about thirty a day at this point. i don’t even average thirty READERS a day at this point.

did one of you guys put me on some list somewhere? can you take me off it? if not, can i at least get free samples of pills that make my dick bigger and harder and some bootleg microsoft shit? hey, the time it takes me to hit “spam” and “delete” back to back thirty times a day should be worth something, right?

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