$650 retail, but only $27.80 for me!

i’ve always been known for shopping like a girl…

…which has caused a financial calamity or two in my younger years. now? not so much.

well, most of the time.

i’ve recently started using this new paypal feature called “pay after delivery”. it’s pretty handy – you order something, and the merchant gets paid, but you don’t see anything come out of your bank account for two weeks so you have a chance to check out the goods. kinda cool, and hassle-free if stuff has to go back (they simply cancel the transaction and you’re never charged) – but i think it’s that last part that causes some merchants to opt out of it…like oakley, for example.

i love most (not all) oakley watch designs, which made it all the sadder when i found out they were getting out of the watch game at the end of this year. there was one watch in particular that i liked (although i’d prefer the titanium band, which i’m sure is quite the factory upcharge – on my current watch getting it changed to that option was an extra $450) that at the outlet store was, even there, $499 (marked down from $650).

gearbox carbon fiber

gearbox carbon fiber

but a recent website sale saw it plummet to $199, so i decided to go for it since, with “pay after delivery” the watch could be had at the limited price and i wouldn’t pay till after payday…

…i thought.

turns out since oakley doesn’t opt in on that payment (i had no idea they could “opt out” until i spoke to a paypal rep in curryville) so i was set to be charged today. total order was $217.80. on the upside, i had the $17.80. on the downside, i was missing the other two hundred. i called paypal to see if they could flip the payment to PAD, but no dice. i called oakley but they’re closed on weekends, so i sent an email cancelling the order…but got an auto reply about how they would get to my email in four to six business days; meanwhile the watch would ship in a day or two according to my order confirmation.

well, fuck.

on my way home i decided a bit o’ booze was needed, so i stopped at a convenience store to grab, and told the clerk to give me number twenty (lotto tickets are numbered so even the mildly illiterate can waste money on them) “to waste another ten bucks”.

but if it’s a waste, why do it?, he replied.
“because i need $200 to pay for a watch i ordered, and i really like the font”, i stated.

i took my ticket and beer, walked outside, and decided to scratch it off on the trunk of my car before i split – revealing a stack of cash over a “$20.00”, which i thought meant i instantly won twenty bucks. turns out the stack of COINS is an instant winner, a stack of cash it a ten TIMES instant winner, so it was $200!

that’s fate saying i need that watch.

so, it’s ordered, paid for, and on it’s way…for $17.80 out of pocket, plus the ten bucks for the lotto ticket. not bad. wonder if i can score another four bills for the titanium band? that’s some white folk problems right there!

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