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after a great labor day with JAB and our respective wifeys and kiddos i figure i’ll chat about my weekend…

…which ended on a definite high note.

not that the rest of the weekend wasn’t fun…i work through most of it, but i have a really fun job so that makes it a good time most weekends. i’d like to think my weekends tend to be just as fun as most people’s, with the exception of me getting paid for mine. and this one ended with a kick-ass concert, but we’ll chat about that in a sec.

last summer mötley crüe announced their last tour ever. while most of my loyal readers would expect that to be in quotes, indicating i think they’re full of shit, i actually believe them on this one. they sure as hell pulled out the stops like it was, but (spoiler alert) we’ll discuss that on sunday with a sixer. but back to last summer…

…last summer when the crüe tour was announced i wanted to go, but two things stopped me – venue and cash flow. the show last year was in cedar park, an über white suburb of austin that i really can’t stand. to top it off the show was right when we were in the thick of getting the ufc moved in down here so cash was ultra-tight. i looked at the tour schedule and noticed one glaring omission – san antonio. if you know rock and metal and texas you know there is now way in hell mötley crüe was gonna skip SA. so i patiently waited and about six to eight months ago the show was announced at the alamodome:


originally built under the guise of the alamo city getting an NFL franchise (that didn’t happen) it hosted the spurs during the 1990’s and has had several events and concerts and sporting events (notice the “FINAL FOUR” banners in the pic above) but i had to start googling old tours to figure out the last time i’d been in the building (december of 1999, rage against the machine’s “battle of los angeles tour”, for anybody curious) and so i went to the ufc seeing if she wanted to go. half-ass decent arena tickets weren’t bad, and i had enough dough for a pair. but combining a neutral feeling on the crüe’s back catalog and the fact the show was on sunday she declined. i didn’t vary my budget and instead opted for a single really kick-ass ticket and i was set. i’ll always wonder if we had known at the time that the sunday in question was before labor day if the should have felt differently…although i didn’t catch that till only a couple weeks ago.

moving on…

the cringe was the first opener (spirited but marginal) and then came alice copper. i was shocked at how much of alice’s stuff i actually knew, and i can see where his showmanship reputation comes from…from the insane props:


to the great costumes:


this man has earned himself one of the top spots in my opening acts list…


and as for the crüe? well, we’ll chat about that sunday…

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