about fucking time

And do you Julio, take Thad, to be your lawfully wedded life partner, in Massachusetts and Vermont, maybe Canada, stay out of Texas, for as long as you both are gay?

fuck, i hate when the simpsons are this prophetic.

so while the rest of the nation appears to be all about this:


we in texas had our dipshit bible-thumping governor and a-g (without the “F” for all eternity) telling people “all was not lost” due to the thirty-day appeal window, and that “no government employee shall be penalized for standing behind their religious beliefs while executing their sworn duties”, which loosely translated, was supposed to be a “rise up christian soldiers!” call for any religious country clerks (and oddly enough we have lots of those) to look into the eyes of thankful gay couples who thought federal fucking law had changed to allow same sex marriages:


but the map should look more like this:


which is sad…and why i came up with this image i pushed out on social media:


i’m so sick of people that the think the capital is a pulpit trying to push their sunday hobby on us monday through friday. fuck you, the law is the law…if you don’t like it, get the fuck out of OUR country, because by not upholding the law you’re committing treason and thus should be shot, fucktards.

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