big black nerf cock rocks!

i’m not gonna lie…

…sometimes i make titles for these just to see if shane & kramer will comment. and this is one of those times.

that being said, there’s some truth in advertising here, ’cause if you hold it right that’s what this looks like:


while many of the take-aways from the second to last juneteenth bbq last week were pure entertainment and happy “good to spend time with you” kind of memories at least one of them was educational – when i discussed my aforementioned back injury one of the guests said “well, you gotta get on the rollers at the gym and roll that bitch out – it’s gonna suck, but it’ll be worth it”.

i’d never even looked at ’em.

i looked around the gym the next day when the ufc and i went to work out and it was in the room where they do zumba and yoga and shit. i had been through this before – the last time my soleus muscle was acting a fool (that’s the little muscles that wrap around your achille’s tendon, the triangle part where your calf meets your ankle, in case you don’t have your gray’s handy) i had read to “roll it out” and since all i had was a wooden foot massage roller i came home and did just that – running my calf (which didn’t really fit) up and down on a wooden foot roller, and it seemed to make all the difference.

so i figured what could it hurt?

i’d been in the gym previously, doing stretches and the like and it didn’t seem to help…so i grabbed the big, 30″ black foam roller, set it on the floor, gently got down on the ground, lay across it, and literally rolled my back up and down with the fucker two or three times. the first time produced six or seven loud pops, the next roll produced only two or three, and the last pass was silent.

and all felt a lot better. so i went and did my stretches and back exercises and felt worse, back to the roller where roll one was two or three pops, and the next two quiet. so i left well enough alone and was good the rest of the day – but the next morning we were back to uncomfortable country. this went on for a few days but a wal~mart run yielded a big roller for the house (the pic above) and i woke up today for the first time in a week pain-free! twenty-five bucks well spent, and i meant even go back and get the nubby one in case my legs act a fool again…but talk about feeling old!

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