balt y mas

so, once again, white cops did whatever it is they do and a black suspect ended up dead…

…this time in an van sans cameras so what happened is anybody’s guess. but the result kinda speaks for itself.

i don’t mean to sound like some tree-hugger but i kinda get where the anger is coming from. i still don’t find “thugs” synonymous with “nigger” but never mind that now. but i also don’t find the words “rioters” and “protestors” to mean the same thing. protestors carry signs. rioters throw shit and steal things. i’ve seen a lot of shit in baltimore footage, but signs and folks singing “give peace a chance” haven’t made the editing cut of the videos i’ve seen. maybe that was just some editing decisions trying to spin story angles? i guess time will tell.

but i have a plan…

fred poster

all you gotta do is shoot one…just one…blond haired, blue eyed white boy. i doubt white folk will even riot…unless you have BLACK cops do it. which might be the best way to go, honestly…but then it’ll be done. peace in the streets. i almost guarantee it.

watch…see if i’m right.

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